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Bubbly – Black Milk Impulses

A Black Milk Impulses “Album” – improvised duos by Gianpaolo Camplese and Leo Auri:

Drums and processed Rhodes Piano welcome you into the machine room, it’s been described as “industrial jazz”, free improvisation with hints of angry experimental hip hop, starlight and childhood nostalgia.

Gianpaolo Camplese – Drums, Sampler
Leo Auri – Rhodes, Laptop, Bass

Cover features artworks by Lucio Auri
Photo by Gunilla Göttlicher

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Noh Plus – Noh theatre experiment with Black Milk Impulses

Improvisations to Noh theatre with intermittent original sound.

Gianpaolo Camplese – drums
Leo Auri – laptop

Our five minute trailer version for the uninitiated:

And for dedicated fans and Noh nuts, treat yourself to the full version:

Or access the individual segments via vimeo.

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