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George Ezra on TV Noir

We had George Ezra on the show, a pleasure to mix this guy..

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Judith Holofernes on TV Noir

We had Judith Holofernes on TV Noir, fun stuff to mix..

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U3000 on TV Noir

We had U3000 on TV Noir, and thus I have mixed them:

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Svavar Knútur on TV Noir

We had Svavar Knútur to guest on the show, here’s how I mixed it..

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Black Milk Impulses Live Recording in Cafè Tasso

Clown jazz.

We played a very enjoyable concert in Cafè Tasso, and I mixed an “album” out of it:

It’s not possible to break anything in this room

Gerhard Gschlößl – Trombone
Gianpaolo Camplese – Drums
Leo Auri – Keyboard

Check it out:

An oddball film created from Kaori Camplese‘s photography of the night:

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