Leo Auri

Tortilla Curtain with Platypus Theater

A new play with Platypus Theater.. This time a piece for young adults, an adaptation of T. C. Boyle’s book “Tortilla Curtain”. I contributed the music and sound effects and coached the actors’ musical performance.

Some excerpts from the premiere on 4/11/2010:

The voice of actress Andrea Pani Laura was featured extensively, who plays the role of “America”.

I used numerous samples from freesound.org for the job (see attributions), along with my own field recordings, all of which I mashed together into a delicious Brei.

For more information and performance dates check out the Platypus Theater website.

Alice in Wonderland with Platypus Theater

A clownesque adaptation of Lewis Carroll’s “Alice in Wonderland” premiered in ufaFabrik 9/10/2009. The piece was intended for English learners in 4th-5th grade (2nd-3rd year of learning English). However audience members of all ages seemed to have a great time!

I worked on the score and performed live.

Introducing Clowns:

Alice meets the Caterpillar: