Athol Fugard’s Blood Knot, Platypus Theater

Music for the Platypus Theater production of Athol Fugard’s Blood Knot now released as an “Album”… see & hear more 


The Call, Platypus Theater

I wrote and produced music for The Call, a play written by Peter Scollin, directed by Anja Scollin, played by Amy Nye, Ben Maddox and Oskar Brown, and premiering on the 9th December, 2011. I’ve now converted it into an … see & hear more 

beetle, suzi spider

Was geschah mit dem Bohnenpaar?

A play in German for children aged 4 and up.
Two beans need to learn to sprout so they can survive the winter.
See some excerpts from the premiere… see & hear more 


Tortilla Curtain with Platypus Theater

An adaptation of T. C. Boyle’s book “Tortilla Curtain” for young adults with Platypus Theater. Watch a sound reel of excerpts from the premiere: see & hear more 


Alice in Wonderland with Platypus Theater

A clownesque adaptation of Lewis Carroll’s “Alice in Wonderland” intended for English learners in 4th-5th grade, but suitable for everyone… see & hear more 



Recording with Black Milk Impulses

New sounds from Gianpaolo Camplese, Leo Auri & Sachio Suginuma. (Drums, Shakuhachi, Rhodes, Laptop, Analog Synth) – Listen… There’s a lot more where this came from so I guess this is a preview of an upcoming ‘album’… see & hear more 



Die Meere sind Blumen. Die Wolken sind Blumen. Die Sterne sind Blumen, die im Himmel blühen. Der Mond ist eine Blume. Der Mond ist aber auch eine grosse Träne.
-Hans Arp see & hear more 

Füd album F: front cover


Album “F” – recorded late 2006, Adelaide, Australia with füd: Leo Auri, Jarrad Payne, Hugh Stuckey & Sam Zerna. see & hear more 

maybe you were looking for

Press Materials

Image and text in German, for press purposes. see & hear more 

Recent Things

Black Milk Impulses’ fourth EP: a cat.

Black Milk Impulses:
Gerhard Gschlößl
Gianpaolo Camplese
Leo Auri

Engineered by Lars Kirchbach
Mixed by Leo Auri

Photo by Kaori Matsuyama

Released 11 July 2015

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Chiffchaff album recorded with support of the Berliner Senate

Nikolaus Neuser – trumpet
Edith Steyer – alto sax, clarinet
Dirk Steglich – tenor sax, flute
Johannes Fink – cello
Leo Auri – piano
Maike Hilbig – double bass

Cover painting by Scott Weiner
Design by mcgomeri Artpress

Recorded and Mixed by Christian Betz, berlinaudio

Recorded 2013 with friendly support of the Berliner Senate

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Manifesto – Black Milk Impulses released on Metarecords

META 070

“The music is presented as the accidental rumblings of a musical virus. The tracks tumble out of the speakers like an intoxicated businessman, but a close listen reveals that each piece is anything but inebriated…………..The joy of Mainfesto is the sounds between the notes, sampled crowds, static and these interlude tracks of less than two minutes that contain the seeds of extended improvisations.”

Mark Corroto – All About Jazz

“At any moment, any of the three players seems entirely free to do as they wish, whether that be to inject a melody, a solo or a burst of rhythm; by some alchemy, that does not lead to a free-for-all or a cacophony but music that is focussed, coherent and fluid.”

John Eyles – All About Jazz

released 24 October 2014

Gerhard Gschlößl – Trombone
Gianpaolo Camplese – Drums
Leo Auri – Piano, Electronics

Artwork: details from “Keizoku” by tttttan

Mixing Track 9 – Ramin Bijan
Mastering – Lars Kirchbach

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Wallis Bird on TV Noir

We had Wallis Bird on the show, and it was a real pleasure to mix her stuff..

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Two Wooden Stones on TV Noir

Two Wooden Stones to guest on TV Noir, and I got to mix it!

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