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No More Houses: documentary series by Björn Göttlicher: continues

Björn Göttlicher has been hard at work, there are two new episodes in the “No More Houses” series using my music:

More information about the project can be found on his site (in Deutsch)..

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Music for Documentary “No More Houses – Block Salt”

Film maker Björn Göttlicher used another piece of mine for the latest part of his documentary series:

This piece has been used in this documentary, an art performance and a theatre piece now!

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Music for Spanish Documentary and Time Lapse films by Björn Göttlicher

Björn Göttlicher used an instrumental of mine in two films, for a time lapse piece shot in Barcelona:

more info on his site

..and in the latest part of a documentary series about the economic crisis in Spain:

more info on his site

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1.1 Immermann record The Hate Camel

Jarrad Payne adapted and extended a ‘thing’ I wrote and recorded it with his band 1.1 Immermann (again).. I love it!

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Monolike – Black Milk Impulses

The second Black Milk Impulses “Album” – improvised trios by Sachio Suginuma, Gianpaolo Camplese and Leo Auri:

We’re somewhere here in the middle; Monolike.

Gianpaolo Camplese – drums
Leo Auri – Rhodes, analogue synthesiser
Sachio Suginuma – shakuhachi

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