Leo Auri

George Ezra on TV Noir

We had George Ezra on the show, a pleasure to mix this guy..

Judith Holofernes on TV Noir

We had Judith Holofernes on TV Noir, fun stuff to mix..

U3000 on TV Noir

We had U3000 on TV Noir, and thus I have mixed them:

Svavar Knútur on TV Noir

We had Svavar Knútur to guest on the show, here’s how I mixed it..

Black Milk Impulses: Live Recording in Cafè Tasso

Clown jazz.

We played a very enjoyable concert in Cafè Tasso, and I mixed an “album” out of it:

It’s not possible to break anything in this room

Gerhard Gschlößl – Trombone
Gianpaolo Camplese – Drums
Leo Auri – Keyboard

Check it out:

An oddball film created from Kaori Camplese‘s photography of the night: